Black Girl Freedom Week 2023 Schedule

Friday, February 17, 2023

BGFW2023 Day Five

BGFW 2023 Featured Guests & Speakers

MSNBC, American Voices: Black Girl Freedom Week: It’s time we invest in Black girls

President & CEO of Grantmakers for Girls of Color Dr. Monique Couvson and founding President and CEO for Girls for Gender Equity Joanne Smith joined American Voices guest host Michael Steele to discuss Black Girl Freedom Week 2023 and the #1Billion4BlackGirls campaign. 

Watch the interview here.

BGFW press on MSNBC

The Advocate: Celebrating #BlackGirlFreedomWeek with Joanne N. Smith & Damala Denny

Joanne N. Smith is the President & Founder of GGE/Girls for Gender Equity (GGE) and co-founder of the #1Billion4BlackGirls campaign. Damala Denny, also with GGE, centers the experiences of Black girls and gender-expansive youth to protect their childhood. Joanne and Damala are interviewed by Tracy E. Gilchrist from TheAdvocate.

Watch the interview here.

The 19th: Black Girl Freedom Week hosts free, virtual events to raise awareness — and funding — for Black youth

What does ‘abundantly investing in Black girls look like?Join the conversations during Black Girl Freedom Week. Interview with Dr. Monique Couvson, President and CEO of Grantmakers For Girls of Color, and Cidra M. Sebastien, fund manager for Black Girl Freedom Fund.

Read the full article from The 19th here.

BGFW press The 19th

Girls United: Black Girl Freedom Week Calls For Investment In Gen-Z

BGFW press Girls United

Black Girl Freedom Week is devoted to nourishing and fostering a community for girls who need a safe space to nourish their passions.

Read the Girls United article here.

The Grio: Innovation by Black girls and women in the arts creates possibilities for us all

“I still remember the day I met Tina Turner at Tower Records as a 5-year-old Black girl. She filled the room with her lovely laugh, big smile and even bigger energy. It was exhilarating to see her, a Black woman artist owning the entire store. I was in awe of the presence of this powerful example of a Black woman artist…”

Read the full article written by Cidra Sebastien, BGFF Fund Manager, at The Grio here.

BGFW press the grio

Essence: Black Girl Freedom Fund Shows we need investment, and not just words, for Black girls

BGFW press Essence

Black Girl Freedom Week, virtually hosted by the Black Girl Freedom Fund and the #1Billion4BlackGirls campaign, where attendees can share resources “on how to support and engage Black girls and understand how to move investments in a meaningful way.”

Read the full article from Essence here.

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